CEO Steve Soroka

Steven Soroka is the new CEO and President of SourceAmerica. He succeeds Bob Chamberlin, who is retiring after 15 years.

Steven, who likes to be called Steve, is an ideal fit for SourceAmerica. His experience, which includes decades of public service, partnership development and leadership, will drive the organization to create more employment opportunities for the nearly 24 million Americans with disabilities who are not in the labor force.

“Perhaps the greatest endorsement for SourceAmerica I can give is that I was not looking for a career change,” said Steve, a U.S. Navy veteran who previously was group vice president for homeland security with Unisys Federal Systems. “But I was attracted to SourceAmerica by the passion of the staff and the opportunity we all have to improve the lives of millions of people with disabilities.”

SourceAmerica Board Chairman Paul Atkinson added: “Steve brings a unique blend of private sector business development and operations expertise, and public service through his military and Homeland Security-related background. He has a strong belief in improving the lives of his fellow countrymen, and the essential skills to create and implement programs to make that happen. SourceAmerica, and by extension the disability community, is fortunate to have him leading our team.”

SourceAmerica connects Federal government entities and businesses with nonprofit organizations to fill job contracts with people with disabilities. Both sides of the equation are essential to creating employment opportunities for people with disabilities, a connection Steve says he plans to strengthen.

“SourceAmerica has played a critical role in building and managing the relationships between those with mission critical requirements — government and businesses — and those who can supply them, which are the nonprofits serving people with disabilities,” said Steve. “Together, these entities are helping tens of thousands obtain work they might otherwise have never found.”

One of Steve’s first days on the job at SourceAmerica was spent at a community resource partner in Hampton, Va. There he met people with disabilities performing important work for community businesses. “People with disabilities are so dedicated and skilled. They deserve a chance to achieve their American dream,” he said. “Unfortunately, too many potential employers underestimate them. It’s our mission to change those misconceptions and show how people with disabilities can contribute to their communities, our Federal government and the U.S. economy as a whole.”

With perhaps 80 percent of the disability community still outside the workforce, however, Soroka realizes that much work remains to be done. His plans include expanding SourceAmerica’s presence both with companies already among its customer base and those SourceAmerica does not currently work with, and aligning the organization internally and externally to keep pace with the changing government and business environments.

Steve has more than 30 years of operational and business development experience. With Unisys, he spent the past seven years managing business engagements across the Department of Homeland Security, as well as domestic and international sea and airports.

Previously, he served as vice president and held executive roles with key players in the telecommunications industry, including Mobile Satellite Ventures (now Lightsquared), Sprint Nextel, Astrolink International, Iridium and Westinghouse Electric, where he worked for 19 years. His responsibilities included complex development and operations functions with both domestic and highly diverse international customer bases. Steve’s background also includes executive- level experience with commercial, startup, and government businesses as both a provider and consumer of services.

In the Navy, Soroka served six years as a surface warfare officer, leading shipboard communications and operations functions, primarily with the amphibious landing force. He served in Vietnam and received Navy Commendation and Meritorious Unit recognitions. Steve attributes his “strong appreciation for what teams can accomplish together” to his time in the Navy and at the U.S. Naval Academy. This sentiment continues to guide his leadership style.

Steve played on a co-national lacrosse championship team and also received all American honors. He holds an MBA from Loyola College in Maryland.

He also attended the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business Strategic Business Leadership certificate program.

Steve was the unanimous choice for CEO by the SourceAmerica Board not only for his extensive professional background in business development and operations in both the public and private sectors, but also for his “strong belief in improving the lives of his fellow countrymen,” said Paul.

“I am very excited to be leading such an exceptional organization,” said Steve. “I have made it a priority throughout my career to serve others and the country. Working alongside Homeland Security was about the best mission I’d ever been involved with. But when I saw firsthand the difference SourceAmerica was making, I was convinced that this would be my next step.”

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