CyclePoint Invites Communities Nationwide to Participate in America Recycles Day

This weekend – specifically, Sunday, Nov. 15 – marks the 18th annual America Recycles Day. In his Presidential Proclamation supporting America Recycles Day in 2014, President Barack Obama urged Americans to do more in their communities.

“The actions that we take today will determine what kind of world we will pass on to our Nation’s young people,” he stated. “Every American, every business and every community can play a role in increasing the rate of recycling.”

In that spirit, CyclePoint, SourceAmerica’s eRecycling network, is sponsoring America Recycles Day 2015 this weekend. In collaboration with Keep America Beautiful, a nonprofit that has worked to create clean, green communities for more than 60 years, CyclePoint will be collecting old electronics and raising awareness for electronics recycling in communities all over the country.

Electronics recycling is a tremendous national opportunity – on America Recycles Day and every day of the year – and CylePoint believes that people with disabilities can play a critical role in creating clean, secure communities. In addition to environmental concerns, e-waste is increasingly a data security issue. Each year, Americans throw away 30 million computers, often leaving personal or business data unprotected and piling up in landfills.

“Electronic waste is the fastest growing segment of the waste stream in this country,” said Steven Elmore, CyclePoint senior program manager. “If not properly handled, electronic waste pollutes our environment, and leaves data insecure on old computers, phones and other devices. America Recycles Day is a great opportunity for CyclePoint to educate people about the importance of eRecycling and the work that we’re doing to safely and responsibly handle e-waste.”

As the official eRecycler for America Recycles Day, CyclePoint will host and support a series of marquee eRecycling events throughout the U.S., including Oklahoma City, Detroit and the Washington, D.C., area. Please join CyclePoint and its local partners this weekend in a community near you! Details are below.

CyclePoint Marquee Event: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  • Date: 14
  • Event Time: 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • Event Location: OKC Beautiful, “Art in Recycled Trash Show” 3535 N Classen Blvd., Oklahoma City, Okla.
  • Event Contact: Jerry Weddington, Goodwill

CyclePoint Marquee Event: Prince George’s County, Maryland

CyclePoint Marquee Event: Detroit, Michigan

  • Date: 15
  • Event Time: 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • Location: JVS, 29699 Southfield Rd., Southfield, Mich.
  • Event Contact: Stacey Lareau, JVS


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